Benjamin Dube - Eh Yaweh - Live

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"Benjamin Dube is a veteran gospel music singer and a highly influential Pastor of his own church. He started out at a very young age in the 1970's as a member of his family's gospel chior and had never looked back from his calling to spread the word of God.

In the highly competitive gospel market, Dube is a real success story. His release, BLESS OUR GOD, has gone gold and remains one of the genre's most popular offerings. With BLESS OUR GOD on its way to platinum. with Dube's previous platinum sales for his recordings, EH YAWEH LIVE is set to be a strong seller.

The 12 track offering features Dube's trademark powerful soul healing message that is bound to inspire anyone who listens to it to become a true son or daughter of God. The album's titled track is a true African Kwasa Kwasa release that will get Dube's fans dancing while they praise God. The message is clear - get blessed by getting yourself Benjamin Dube's new album without delay!

1. Eh Yaweh
2. Undzifele
3. I Love The Lord
4. Uthando Luka Baba
5. It Is Good To Say Thank You
6. Body Praising
7. Jesus My Rock
8. Reign Jesus
9. I Feel Jesus
10. Halloweth Be Your Name
11. Moses, Aaron
12. Kebale"
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