Aliens in the attic - Ashley Tisdale

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It’s time for the Pearson’s to take a much needed family vacation. Father, Stuart packs up the car with wife Hannah, teenage son Tom, big sister Bethany and her stuck-up boyfriend Ricky and heads off to their vacation home in Maine.

Shortly after arrival, things start to get strange. Dark clouds swirl overhead and four glowing objects blast through the sky on a collisions course with the Pearson’ roof. These however, aren’t your typical meteors – inside dwells tough-talking alien commander Skip, muscle-bound weapons specialist Tazer, lethal female Razor, and geeky four-armed techie Sparks. Before long, the aliens have taken Ricky over via a powerful mind-control device, and announced their intentions to claim Earth for the "Zirkonians."
  • FPB Rating PGV
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