Reservation Road - Joaquin Phoenix

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"Based on the critically acclaimed novel by John Burnham Schwartz, Reservation Road tells the story of Ethan (two-time Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix) and Dwight (Mark Ruffalo), two fathers whose lives converge with the hit-and-run death of a child. The victim's father, Ethan, grows more and more obsessed with finding the killer and taking revenge. But his wife (Academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly) fears that his fixation is tearing their fragile family apart. Meanwhile, Dwight fears that a run in with the law or his ex-wife Ruth (Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino) may forbid him from any future contact with his son. While battling his conscience, he struggles to maintain his anonymity and hold his crumbling family together. But when Dwight's law firm assigns him to the Learners' case, it is only a matter of time until the two men collide'"
  • FPB Rating 15
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