The Young Victoria - Emily Blunt

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THE YOUNG VICTORIA is a lavish costume drama that focuses on the early life of Queen Victoria (Emily Blunt, MY SUMMER OF LOVE, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA), one of the most venerated monarchs in British history. Born into nobility, her ascent to the throne was assured. Politically however, Victoria's inexperience meant that she relied heavily upon advisers to guide her. None more so than her cousin Prince Albert (Rupert Friend, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE), who, at the tender age of 21 she married and went on to have nine children with. Produced by Sarah Ferguson--herself no stranger to the trials and tribulations that befall young royalty--and directed by Jean-Marc Vallee (C.R.A.Z.Y), THE YOUNG VICTORIA is a visually-stunning film that gives candid insight into the challenges faced by those growing up in the public eye.
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